Course Content
You have read the book
Now put into practice 12 lessons over 12 weeks
Be guided by the author herself
You will learn to
Tune in to your Voice of Slow
Learn from your own reflections
Become more self -aware
‘Let Go’
Get more energy
Put yourself first
Focus on fitness and well-being
Use your best times of day
Access your intuition
Take time for silence and stillness
Be more present
Create more flow and abundance

Jackie’s short, authentic video lessons are backed up with a workbook to help you slow down to gain the more that you want in your life

Only £24 for the whole course!

Make it Happen!
The book In Pursuit of Slow contains helpful questions and suggestions at the end of each chapter, but we all know how easy it is to skip such things.

The 12 Week Course provides a workable way make simple changes that will enhance your life.

What if you haven’t yet read the book?
We recommend that you read the book first and then do the course.

And if you haven’t got the book, you can buy it here now.