Are you being true to your values?

‘Let your values be your guiding light’ Jackie Jarvis

What is important to you in your life? What really matters most?

Your values guide you, they let you know when something is right, or something is not. Your values provide an important framework in your life. A structure and strength from which you can make decisions and choices.

What happens when you feel that you are living a life that is out of sync with your values and what matters to you? You may be putting up with a situation or a person’s behaviour for the greater good. But it is not what you really want deep down. You know something is not right.

You could be in a relationship where one-person values independence and freedom and the other sharing and commitment, it is likely source of disagreement when the behaviours that stem from those values appear to be in direct conflict with each other.

It might be that you value something and the partners you are working with do not. You might value having fun and being flexible; they may value routine and rules. As a result, you feel out of sorts, out of sync.

If you are living a life where what is important to you is not shared by the others around you, you most certainly will not be happy.

The best feelings come when you share values with the people that you spend your time with, both at home and at work. It makes everything easy!

For example, if you all value honesty, integrity and respectful communication the likelihood is that you will all do what you can to be true to those values. You will all know when something isn’t right and address it together.

Know your values

If you are clear about what you value and the way you want to live your life at home as well as at work those values can guide your choices. Both with what you do and who you choose to spend your time with.

Clarity about what matters to you in your life, relationships, work, with your family is the first step to more fulfilment of those values.

If you don’t know what they are you can’t be guided by them.

Let your inner radar guide you – don’t ignore it

Mistakes can be made in life when we don’t pay enough attention to our values and the messages, they are giving us. When we ignore our inner radar because we are too busy, in a hurry with no time to ask important question of ourselves and others.

You will know when something is wrong, in a relationship, at work, with friends and family. You will know when a value of yours has not been respected.
You may choose to ignore it. To brush it under the carpet, to say it doesn’t matter. But is does!

Your values and what really matters to you is your bedrock – the foundations of your life from which all else stems.


Are you living a life with others that share and respect your values?

Are you giving your values the attention they deserve?

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