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In Pursuit of Slow

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished – Lao Tzu

in pursuit of slow Busy business owner and coach Jackie Jarvis shares her personal journey in Pursuit of Slow with honesty and humour.  Reaching a point in her life when she felt an urge to slow down and be truer to her heart’s desire, she found that the struggle with herself was the biggest challenge of all.

She writes about what many of us, living busy, fast paced lives feel.  She touches on what deep down we all have the greatest longing for but at the same time are afraid to reach out for, afraid to give ourselves permission to have.

As Jackie learns her own Lessons of Slow you will be inspired to follow her path to stressing less, being happier and accomplishing more.

In Pursuit of Slow is available now on Kindle and on Paperback soon.



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It’s done – In Pursut of Slow is now a Kindle e-book. Buy now!

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