Transform Your Business – Courses with Jackie Jarvis

Transform Your Business

Slow Down to Gain More

You may have reached a point with your business when you feel like you are running round and round on the same track without being able to pass the baton.

Your days may be filled with endless tasks, all a struggle to get done. Your head may be exploding. You may feel like you’re losing the purpose and joy in what you are doing.

Is it time to pause and take a look at What you are doing and Why?

Is time to SLOW Down to GAIN more?

Transform Your Business Now

Clarity Workshop Series

A bespoke, facilitated process to enable you and your team to get your spark back.

We will take you (and your team) through a series of interactive exercises followed by focused action planning that will enable you to:

  1. Understand what you Really Want from your Business
  2. Identify the Blocks to Happiness and Success
  3. Connect with your Passion and Purpose once more
  4. Reset your Business and Personal Values
  5. Create an Inspiring Vision
  6. Let Go’ of what is no longer serving you or your business
  7. Make Simple Changes for Health, Energy and Well-Being of your team
  8. Identify Goals, Priorities and a Breakthrough Plan
  9. Make Decisions to Transform your Business and your Life within it.

This Transform your Business – Clarity Workshop Series can be delivered off site at an inspiring location of your choice:

First step

Book an initial relaxed conversation over coffee by contacting me at: [email protected]

Practical help

As a follow on to this programme, at Heart of business we have a network of growth service providers we can refer to you for any specific resourcing or specialist help you need in sales, marketing, operations, finance, IT, people development and more.

Don’t forget you can also sign up for six personal Lessons in Slow too by filling in your details below:


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