Courses In Pursuit of Slow With Jackie Jarvis

Free 6-Week Course

Transform Your Life – In Pursuit of Slow

This course is ideal for you if . . .

You have reached a point in your life when you feel a calling to change. You may have lost your WAY.

You know you need to SLOW down to be able to GAIN more.

You are not sure be what you want or need just yet.

But you know you must stop running on the same track, day after day, year after year, with the same pressures, stresses and worries.

You want to be happier, more fulfilled.

You want permission to SLOW down, take a pause to reassess what you want out of your life and work. You want to find a new direction.

The WAY Forward

Through my series of video lessons, workbooks and a supportive private Facebook group, I will guide you from where you are NOW to where you WANT to be. I want to enable you to have the happiness and fulfilment you desire in your life.

12 Powerful Lessons

  1. Happiness and Fulfilment Health Check
  2. How to reset your Values radar
  3. Create an Inspiring ‘Vision’
  4. How to ‘Let Go’ of what does not Serve you
  5. Simple Changes – for Health, Energy and Well-Being
  6. Identify Your Talents, Strengths and Passions
  7. Connect with your ‘WHY’ and what you Really Want to Do
  8. Overcome Mind-Set and Permission Blocks
  9. Identify Goals, Priorities and a Breakthrough Plan
  10. Transform Self-Talk and Build Confidence
  11. How to open your Opportunity and Abundance Radar
  12. When to Speed up and when to Slow down

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