Give yourself Permission to Go Slower

“Give yourself permission to go at your own pace, life is not a race?” Jackie Jarvis

Are you aware of the pace at which you live your life? Are you aware of the pace at which you feel comfortable and when you feel over stretched?

Are there times when you are allowing others’ pace or agendas to control yours?  If you are, you may feel out of sorts, running when you would prefer to walk. Attempting to keep up all the time, creates unnecessary pressure, something or someone is always ahead of you. You never quite get there.

Do you need to keep up?  If so why?

We all have our own natural pace in life, one that we feel comfortable with, a bit like a pair of old shoes that are well worn in. Out pacing yourself for extended periods of time, rushing because that is how someone else wants it, doing more because someone else wants you to, will ultimately lead to discontent and stress.

Being aware of your own pace, giving yourself permission to do things the way you need to, to bring the best out in you, is vitally important. Being able to say no to an additional social event because you need some down time, being able to take your time in meetings to make your points, taking your time over an important action or interaction because it matters.

If it takes longer but you accomplish more, so be it. If you stop because you need to and let others go on, that doesn’t mean you failed. It means you listened to yourself.

Ultimately this life is yours to live the way you feel comfortable. If others want to go fast let them. This is your journey not theirs.

At times you may want to push yourself and see what you are capable of, other times you may be happy with a slower approach.

The most important thing is that you give yourself permission to go at your pace.


Where are you out pacing yourself?

What do you want to change?



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