Listen to your Voice of Slow

‘What does the voice that says Slow Down have to say to you?

Are you going too fast to remember the days that pass, are you spinning like a top, turning like a wheel, losing connection how your life is supposed to be.

Are you lost in your head, never truly there in the special moments of your life? Missing the pleasure, always something to do, someone to see.’

What does the voice of slow have to say, when it whispers gently to you? Does it ask you to stop rushing, juggling tasks, doing so much, pushing for more? Does it want you to rest a while? To savour moments in your life. To take a pause.

Do you heed its calling? Or choose to ignore its presence. Do you prefer to give attention to the other voice, the one that speaks louder, with more urgency in its tone?

You hear it say sharply, No, you can’t stop. If you stop you may never get going again, others may think you aren’t capable. You must not let anyone down. You have to keep going. Slowing down may mean you have failed.

Fast is better than Slow.

You don’t have permission to pause.

In quieter moments you hear the gentle voice of slow calling again. You may feel its constant presence, its desire for you to be happy, to have abundance and joy in your life. It wants to free you up from of your continual driving of yourself. Help you see what you have inside that you can trust in.  Show you how to challenge the other voice and its constant shoulds, must’s, must nots and cants.

Falsely created rules that don’t serve you.

What does your Voice of Slow want for you?




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