Motivation In Pursuit of Slow

An introduction to the power of slowing down with Jackie Jarvis

The Voice of Slow

What does the voice of slow have to say, when it whispers gently to you?
Does it ask you to stop rushing, juggling tasks, doing so much, pushing for more? Does it want you to rest a while?

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Why Slow Down?

We are all living in a society that applauds busyness, we are all in a rush, squeezing things into already packed agendas, multi-tasking, never having time to stop.

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Will I Still Accomplish Things if I Go Slower?

This has been a concern of mine, and has kept me hurrying along, when I almost certainly could have gone slower. It has kept me in the office longer when I could have left and it has kept me pushing to squeeze more into an already packed day when I could have just done less.

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