In Pursuit of Slow Front Cover

This book is special. This is why…

“If despite your success, and manic pace of life, you still feel frustrated and unfulfilled – In Pursuit of Slow is prescribed reading. But caution. Read it slowly. Contemplate the carefully placed words. Hidden within these pages is a powerful life enhancing message, a key to a deeper, richer more fulfilling life, which I found inspiring.”
Andrew Priestley Grad Dip Psych, BEd. The Coaching Experience.

“This wonderful read stopped me in my *busy* tracks. The author gently inspires with a compelling and engaging message which will speak to anyone who finds themselves in the fast lane unable to take their foot off the pedal. Highly recommended. I keep my copy by my bedside as a constant reminder of this important message.”
Nikki Poole, MD Hedges Law

“Read it – you can’t help but be challenged and stimulated by the insightful content! Jackie introduces us to the idea that it’s acceptable (nay, essential!) to slow down and listen to your intuition. That’s the path to fulfilment and happiness. The probing questions at the end of each chapter will have you pondering for ages and taking real steps towards a happier life.”
Vinden Grace and Eve Grace-Kelly, Success Coaches and (Pre)-Retirement Coaches 

“In my business the word ‘slow’ has negative associations so I was unsure if ‘going slow’ could work for me. Because Jackie is so honest and open in her journey, I found her messages easy to relate to. I was able to see things from a different perspective and embrace the benefits of going slower in both my personal life and business.”
Dawn Lillington, Design Business Owner

“The clarity, crisp guidance and depth of sharing, as Jackie so very openly offers up her own experiences, and at times her vulnerability gives this book authenticity. Jackie’s sharing of how she learnt the importance of slowing down, demonstrates integrity. Rather than being a preachy, you should do this, that or the other, it is more of a come and join me approach, let us pursue slowing down together. I like that!”
Susanne Austin, Intuitive/Writer/ True-life Mentor & Guide

“What this book did, it stimulated clear thought, it called for me to look at myself and look at my patterns. I could feel and hear the ‘voices’ from start to finish and each page I turned said … ‘stop and think a moment’ this wasn’t a read, this was a lesson, and very much appreciated.”
Nigel Kivell, Juice Plus Business Owner

“In my opinion Jackie is an excellent writer. I really enjoyed In Pursuit of Slow. It is an easy read with personal stories and it flows naturally.”
Claus Bockmann, Author of Challenges of Meaning, Love and Success