The Courage to Let Go


Learn to let go when something no longer serves you – Jackie Jarvis

Are you aware of how much you are carrying in your life that may no longer be right for you? Things that have become too much for you and are now a burden.

Imagine you have a rucksack on your shoulders filled up with the things that are essential to your survival. You have to carry it every day, walking miles, up steep mountains and across difficult terrain. At first you enjoy the journey, you have energy and enthusiasm. You appreciate being out in nature all day and enjoy your surroundings.

However every day someone puts more in your rucksack for you to carry and it gets heavier and heavier. Eventually you can hardly look up from the weight that is on now on your shoulders. The climbs become increasingly difficult, you are exhausted, and start to resent the weight you are carrying. All you think about is getting to the end of each day when you can take it off. The only problem is the next day you know it will get heavier and more difficult to carry.

If you could offload what is in the rucksack you could travel much more easily.

But you are afraid to let go . . . what if you needed something important you are carrying, what if someone else needed it?

The Courage to Let GoDo we really need everything we struggle to carry through life? Surrounding ourselves with so much. The more you have, the more you have to look after and manage. The less free you are.

There may be lots of things in your life that no longer serve you, difficult relationships, work you don’t like anymore or have outgrown, clutter, stuff you buy that you don’t really need or bad habits you have developed.

It may be time to find the courage and the confidence to LET go.


What could you take out of your rucksack to lighten your load?

What could you give up or let go of?

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