The Simple Power of Kindness

Quote ‘Kindness is simple, kindness is good, kind is free for you to be’ Jackie Jarvis

Think about the last time someone did something really kind just for you? It may not have been a big gesture, just something simple yet it showed that person cared. It may have been someone you know or a stranger. They stopped what they were doing for themselves to do something for you.

When you are rushing through life, it is easy to miss these small gestures many people make every day. It is these simple acts of kindness that when noticed and appreciated will defiantley give you a boost.

Slowing down gives yourself a chance to be more aware of kindness, both in others and in yourself.

Value kindness

Kindness is certainly a quality I value highly. I do notice it in others and take time to be kind where ever I can myself. I catch myself sometimes when I am racing along with so much to do, to just stop and remember to be kind. To do something unexpected for someone. Something that might give them a boost, and being kind, the feeling in me is always good.

Kindness is important in all areas of life, at work and at home. At work everyone can be so focused on fulfilling agendas, hitting targets and deadlines that they can forget just to acknowledge that there is a human being in their path. Kindness can be seen as soft, as being a push over. Of course, this is an illusion created to protect fears that can block kind gestures.

Fears that block kindness

  • If I help this person I will get involved and then it will be expected
  • If I am kind, I may get taken advantage of
  • I may not be respected if I show my softer side
  • If I stop what I am doing to help another person I may not get what I want done
  • No one has ever been kind to me so why should I bother about others
  • Kindness makes me vulnerable

You can see with beliefs like this why many people are not as kind as they could be. If you are reading this and resonate with any of these beliefs, you could take this opportunity to ask yourself why you think this? Are they your beliefs of someone else’s? What may be another way of thinking about it?

Kindness is something we can learn to be. If we were lucky enough to see kindness in our parents or grand parents when we are younger and value it, the likelihood is that we may find it easier to practice the art ourselves. Or we may have had so much that we take it all for granted. Or you may not have experienced much kindness and craved it, so now realise how important it is and give more yourself to those around you.

Our life story shapes us all. Today you have a choice. You can choose to be kind. You can choose to make yourself aware the kindness that you have in your life, no matter how small and how simple.

It is also as important to be kind to yourself. (more on this subject in my book – In Pursuit of Slow)

Notice acts of kindness for a day

Just as an experiment notice how many acts of kindness you see happening in your place of work or at home this week. Write them down. It doesn’t matter how small they are, just pay attention and observe. If they involve you recognise with thanks.

Be extra kind yourself for a day

Why not choose to do something kind for someone in your place of work each day and notice the impact it has on both you and them.

It may be making them a tea or coffee, helping them with a project, giving them an introduction that was important to them, complementing them on a piece of work or an achievement.

Or it may be at home, giving extra time to listen to a friend, helping someone out, a kind word.

When you give a genuine act of kindness from the heart, the positive energy that goes with it, is responsible for the lift it gives to both you and the person who chose to be kind.

When you realise how important kindness is in your life, giving and receiving, it is something you can increase and have more access to. It is one of those things in life that is free and adds great richness.


Who is kind to you?

What gestures of kindness have you noticed this week?

What have you done this week that is kind?

How can you add more kindness to your life?



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