Slow Down to Gain More

Is it Time to Slow Down to Gain More?JJbeach

Are you running too fast to remember the days that pass?

Spinning like a top, turning like a wheel, too much in your head?

A longing for something you can’t quite define. A wanting to pause?

This is your opportunity to take the breath you need. To allow yourself a moment, to focus on yourself and what would make you happier in your life and work.

Our society applauds busyness, everyone is in a rush, squeezing things into already packed agendas, multi- tasking, never having time to stop. With modern technology speed is everything. Fast food, same day delivery, fast turnaround. No one can wait any more. Our souls out run by the speed of the life we have created. It may be why so many of us feel so out of balance, out of sync with ourselves.

This is where I find myself right now, in my own Pursuit of Slow.

Calling to change

Reaching 50 was a milestone for me, I don’t even like writing that number down! I was in pursuit of proving that I wasn’t really 50.  As a Sales growth coach, partner in Heart of business and author of Quick Wins in Sales and Marketing I had plenty to keep me busy!

Doing more and more, never listening to the silent calling to change. Never giving myself permission to stop, take a breath.

Over the last 2 years I have walked two of the famous ‘Way of St James’ Camino routes to Santiago, totalling 900 miles. Whilst walking these routes, and giving myself some space to feel my life again, I finally listened to the message and the lessons of SLOW that my soul most needs to hear.

Not perfect is good enough

I am work in progress and I want to share my journey through this blog, in the hope that by sharing, I will practice more of what I am learning,  and if you are reading or listening to my audio’s, inspire you to hear your calling to SLOW and a happier more fulfilled life. (Whatever age you are.)


In Pursuit of Slow is available now on Kindle and on Paperback soon. I am be available for talks sharing the Lessons of SLOW learnt whilst walking the 900 miles on two Caminos’ to Santiago.  Do contact me if you are interested in talking to me about delivering a talk for your audience.

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