What Are the Signs in Your Life?


Signs are there to guide you – Jackie Jarvis

What are the signs that something in your life or work is right for you?


If you had not known pain you would not know pleasure. You have to have had connection to know disconnection. You have to have struggled to appreciate ease.

Our lives are full of these opposites: words that describe our experiences and the feelings that accompany them.

How often have you said to yourself – or out loud – when something has gone wrong in your life “I knew that wasn’t right from the start,” and then described something you noticed, or felt before you began?

Have you ever said, “I should have listened to my intuition, the signs were there, I just didn’t pay attention?”

You may also have experienced the opposite. When you knew something was right. You took steps towards it, feeling good from the start, knowing in your bones that it was going to work out. And it did.

Most of our decisions, choices and experiences fall somewhere in between. We make choices and decisions about so many important things in our life. Sometimes taking our time, other times at great speed. We make mistakes. We get it right. We all deal with things as they come along, doing the best we can.

We spend time, energy and emotion in projects, people, businesses, relationships, events and more.

We invest our valuable life.

The signs are always there when you slow down

So what are the signs that let you know that something, someone, or a situation is right for YOU?

If you are racing through life at a great speed – always busy, always multi-tasking, never taking a moment to take a pause –  the chances are you may miss the signs in your life that could let you know something is right or wrong for you.

You may not have given yourself time to really think about what you want, so may not recognise it when it comes along, instead you grasp at something that is not quite right. I am sure you recognise this.

Even the wrong turn could be right

You have to know what is wrong to know what is right. So in every wrong turn there is a sign for the right one, if you pay attention.

It is like walking in the forest with a map, you take the wrong turning and get a bit lost, but returning to the map you can back track, take another route and find the one you were supposed to be on. You learnt which was not the way to your destination, but in doing so found out which was.

I have been in many situations, invested time in projects, spent time with people, been in partnerships and had relationships when I have known that something wasn’t right, but  I continued anyway, always hoping it would work itself out.

Sometimes it has worked itself out, but more often than not the signs to learn and move on were always there. In fact, the more I ignored them the worse they got. In some situations, it was as if the signs had to scream at me to get me to listen! Presenting me with more pain until I eventually shifted and moved, taking the learning with me.

I have also experienced the opposite when the situation has just flowed. It was easy, smooth and fun. Things always worked out, and everything went from strength to strength. When I think back on these situations, there were signs there too: signs to appreciate what I had and learn from it. Signs to commit to memory.

What are the signs that let you know if something is right for you?

I think you know the answers:

There was a co-incidence or indicator early on

It felt or feels right not wrong

It flows as opposed to being continually blocked

It is easy as opposed to being continually difficult

It gives you pleasure as opposed to more and more pain

You enjoy the journey as opposed to hating the process

You can be yourself as opposed to feeling false

When the wrong way is the right way

Sometimes what is right for us and our soul’s journey can be a challenge or a difficult path. It is along this path that we learn and we grow. As we pay attention we get the opportunity to continually grow.

What seems wrong can actually be right. The wrong way may be the right way.

“The Ox would not know it was strong if it did not have to pull a cart”

The cart you have to pull at time in your life can be one of those signs.

Signs for your journey are everywhere when you slow down and allow yourself time and space to see them.

Reflections on Signs

Think of a situation/person/partnership in your life/work that is not feeling good right now.

What are you learning?

Think about a situation/person/partnership in your life/work that is feeling good right now.

What are you learning?

What signs have you seen that indicate which is the right way to go from here?

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