Why Slow Down?


Is Fast better than Slow?

We are all living in a society that applauds busyness. We are all in a rush, squeezing things into already packed agendas, multi-tasking, never having time to stop. So often nowadays, being busy is interpreted as being successful. You may not be effective; you may not be accomplishing things that matter; you may not be happy and fulfilled; but if you are busy then you must be successful, mustn’t you?

With modern technology, speed is everything. Fast food, same day delivery, fast turnaround. No one can wait any more. Our souls are often outrun by the speed of the life we have created. It may be why so many of us feel so out of balance and out of sync with ourselves.

The Faster we go the Faster our life passes

Why Slow DownWhen you take a bus the journey often takes longer but you have time to people-watch and to pay more attention to the places you pass by. It can be relaxing.

When you walk you actually feel each step. It takes longer but your connection to the places you walk through is stronger.

If you pay attention to what you see and hear, the pleasure you get will be enhanced. Try it next time you go for a walk. Listen to the birds singing, really look at the flowers, trees, feel the breeze against your skin.

By going slower you are able be more aware. More aware of the simple pleasurable things in your life, those things you miss, become blind to, when you never have time.

Each day that passes is another day of life that is over

Once a day is gone you can’t never have it back. All you keep is the learning and memories. If you don’t allow yourself any of these moments, what will you truly have at the end of another busy year? What might you have missed that is important to you in your life?

Sharing highlights of the year, month or even the day can be hard for many people. When asked, they often refer to something quite simple: not usually the big grand thing that they spent the whole year striving to achieve.

Ask yourself these questions now:

  • What have been your highlights this year so far?
  • What do you remember as being really special that made you happy?
  • Can you GO SLOW?

Some find going slow hard – they have to be in a rush, have to be busy. But actually when you take a pause you extend time. Days away on holiday always seem longer than those at home or in the office. When you are away from your normal environment doing something different it can be as if you have momentarily extended your life. You I am sure have felt this.

Walking 900 miles of two of the famous Caminos to Santiago felt like a whole lifetime had passed on the 2 routes when in fact it was only eight and a half weeks in total. That time in my normal environment would have passed in a flash.

Extend Time

Learning the Lessons of Slow will help you to extend your life as well as giving you more pleasure whilst you live it.

The faster you go the faster time passes… learn to savour those moments.

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